Throughout the past..

Throughout the past few weeks I have been following a columnist named Charles Blow. This assignment wasn’t my favorite but it was very eventful and a good experience. There were a lot of things that I learned.

Between how my columnist wrote and how he wrote I was I greeted but. to impressed. My emotions and feelings for this went up and down like a sea saw. But the overall impact of the assignment was a positive one.

The impact given to a new blogger like me was one of great significance and realization. Nothing is easy and it is a long dark road through the pursuit of happiness.


Is It The Elections Fault?

The columnist John Podhortez seems to agree with Charles Blow on some degree. One is that if the population really believed that the Ebola crisis was such a big deal then we would all be wearing hazmat suits and taking extreme precautions. But because we aren’t doing that there are also some major disagreements.

John states that “in a recent poll, 36% of voters say that’s Ebola will affect how they vote”. This is interesting because with Christie is a Republican and Cuomo is a Democrat. Cuomo is running for re-election, so apparently that gives him a pass in Stewart’s eyes to do what is necessary to secure a second term. Stewart has attacked Cuomo in the past, but not in this case. That is because he feels he has already won.

Charles feels that Ebola can be stopped in logical steps with out going to extreme and focuses on the general well fair of the nation as a unit rather than the politics that go on within it.

What Is Going On With Ebola?

I have not heard this stated any better myself….”The absolute hysteria surrounding the Ebola crises underscores what is wrong with our politics and the polices they spawn” , as said by Charles blow.

This is significant because one of his most recent articles called “The Ebola Hysteria” is a huge bash to the government and their politics. Mr. Blow demonstrates this though his stern tone as well as his reassurance with the whole ordeal.

One line that stands out the most in the passage is when it is stated that”…we are being led by silliness and that comes at a heavy cost.” This is meaningful because it is true. The tone throughout the passage is a cross between being fed up, stubborn, annoyed and idealism. Charles also seems to believe that this whole ordeal is idiotic and politics and publicity seem to be blowing this whole thing out of proportion, causing the state to go into a panic.

Though with the harshness, comes the reassurance. There are so many people who put themselves in harm’s way to try to help this whole crises and many more to do the same. But bringing this to the states? Where is the help in that? When will our government see that it won’t help anything….in fact it has done quite the opposite. The best way to solve this issue is to deal with it at the source, in West Africa.

Where has the hope in humanity gone? Where is the hope in our government?

In A World of Abuse, Where Do I Turn?

In a life of hardship and abuse, where do you turn? What do you do?

For someone like Mr. Blow, he took this experience that he was handed in life and has made the best of it. He went to get a degree in mass communication and has been able to use it with the purpose of being able to spread and speak awareness of abuse all over to all of whom are willing to listen.

I don’t think that it is too hard to believe that what he has to say is true because he is speaking from his own past experiences. Although having once been on that side of things, makes thins easier as well. In the way that Charles Blow writes, the reader can really feel the pain of his past and the hope for a better tomorrow. The shifts in tone throughout each of his posts and publications really emphasis this feeling. It is not something that I can describe but it is something that I can feel as being a reader.

Though where there are pros, there are cons. In some ways I am beyond enthusiastic about how Mr. Blow writes but I also have many unanswered questions. I support him 100% about bringing awareness to abuse and all of that but I am also in serious question because in the article that I have personally read, I have felt that things might be a little to personal because there may be some details that some readers just don’t need or want to know. but then there is also the group that appreciates all the extra details that are put into the article.

If he can turn his life around into something positive, so can we.

A Bit to Know About Charles M. Blow

As a writer for the New York Times, Charles M. Blow is quite talented as a writer. One of his strong points is his phenomenal way of exporting words and really making the reader feel the pain in his columns. He is not only a columnist but he is also a television commentator on CNN and an author.

What drew me to Mr. Blow in the beginning was how he talks about abuse. While analyzing one of his most recent articles I realized that he was not only writing about child abuse but how he was abused as a child. An isolated boy, Blow is fiercely attached to his mother, a woman with five sons, brass knuckles in her glove box, a job plucking poultry, a soon-to-be ex-husband, and a love of newspapers and learning. But the closeness doesn’t protect him from secret abuse at the hands of an older cousin. It’s damage that triggers years of searing self-questioning (Charles). All of this is reflected in his book “Fire Shut Up in My Bones”. His book is for sale on as well as in stores for a price that is roughly about $17 (Blow a).

Not only can you feel this pain in his book, but it is also clear in his writing on the New York Times. One of his most recent columns is called “Up From Pain”. In this column the reader learns how he was reaped as a child (Blow). If someone like him can overcome his powerfully painful past and turn it into something amazing and awesome, why cant we do the same?

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Queen or Obscene?

Recently, Miss America 2015 Kira Kazantsev has been under some sort of attack where someone has leaked that she had been kicked out of her sorority for hazing. Personally, I do not know where I would stand with this. Is it real? Is it fake? Who is lying here?

The former Miss New York has gained the new title and pleaser of being Miss America 2015. Though with her victory also come some huge jealousy. Someone has publicly accused her of hazing. Hazing is basically a form of buying. It was said that she made the new pledges or recruits preform vigorous tasks that would physically and mentally push a person to her limits.

Of course miss Kazantsev has denied all of these accusations and said that it was all a joke that she had made in an email that was simply taken out of context. But then again, who wouldn’t deny such accusations?

How is this incident supposed to make the future Miss Americas to be feel? How does this reflect the pageant industry? There are so many questions but not as many answers.

Is Kira Kazantsev a real pageant queen or is this whole thing just obscene?

Tips For The freshman

My first year in high school was one interesting experience, and not exactly in a good way. I had no idea who my friends were, where my classes were, what I needed and didn’t need to bring to school….I was a mess!!

Don’t be afraid to speak up. How else are you supposed to learn if you keep to yourself? I made the mistake of being to quite and I got taken advantage a lot of the time.

As far as friends go, there are those that you meet at orientation day that get you through your years there, as well as having the possibility to become lifelong friends. With that said there are also the ones that you pick up along the way. I have some of the most amazing friends anyone could ever ask for. They are there for me through thick and thin, together we can rule the world! Woo!!

Finally, I would like to leave you with the understanding that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Most of my freshman year, though yes I was surrounded by friends, I felt alone. You aren’t. You just need to realize that. There is always someone willing to listen and someone who understands, you just need to open your mind and realize it. Life may be confusing and difficult but it can’t stay that way forever.

Open up, make lifelong friends, and realize you aren’t going to go through troubles and hardships alone.